What is a theobro?

A conservative male that argues Christian theology

A theobro is a conservative male (likely evangelical) obsessed with arguing Christian theology with others, often on Twitter. Theobro is the result of the combination of "theology" and "bro."

Origin of theobro

It is unclear who first coined theobro, but it gained popularity in 2021 online, especially on Twitter, amongst users discussing theology. It was created as an insult to overbearing conservative Christian men.

Characteristics of a theobro

Theobros are typically argumentative and unwilling to listen to other perspectives. Instead, they are primarily concerned with enforcing their beliefs on others via social media.

They usually hold conservative evangelical beliefs, such as complementarianism, strict creationism, and opposition to LGBTQ rights. Also, theobros often have tradwives or are seeking them.


I just got bombarded by a bunch of theobros for defending Beth Moore
Yep, she's theobro magnet
Theobro tweet
Theobro tweet

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Updated January 11, 2023

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