What is a FUPA on a person's body?

Fatty upper pubic area

FUPA is the "fatty upper pubic area" on a person's body between a person's stomach and groin area. It is typically referenced in fashion blogs and forums, and social media to critique women's bodies and clothing.

Both women and men may sport FUPAs, but women are often the targets for criticism. Their FUPAs are usually due to being overweight, although some women may naturally have a FUPA, even if they are healthy or have developed one due to pregnancy.

In the past, women and men have generally been ashamed of their FUPAs, but body perception began changing in the 2010s due to the rise of social media and body-affirmation campaigns. Now, more people have chosen to embrace their FUPAs, along with their VBOs, even wearing clothes that highlight their "human fanny packs."


Gurrrl, don't be ashamed of that FUPA, show it off with pride!
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Tweet about FUPA pride

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Updated May 20, 2021

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