What does gagged mean on social media?

Rendered speechless

On social media, gagged is often synonymous with "impressed," "amazed," or "excited." People use this slang term when they've encountered something wonderful that's left them at a loss for words. (Thus, they're just "gagging.")

Origin of gagged

Gagged is an LGBTQ slang term that originated within the drag scene. Originally, drag queens and kings used gagged when complimenting amazing performances. (E.g. "OMG Vanessa, your performance was so fierce, I gagged!")

The term has since spread across social media and is now used by many different groups, including Kpop fans and other standoms.


That scene in Endgame where Cap picks up Thor's hammer always has me straight gagged
A use of gagged on Twitter
A use of gagged on Twitter

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Updated February 15, 2023

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