What does GL HF mean in online gaming?

Good luck have fun

GL HF is an acronym that stands for "Good luck, have fun," which is used to wish a person good luck. It is typically used before an online gaming match but may also be used to wish someone luck in whatever he is about to go do and to enjoy it.

In gaming, GL HF is a gesture of gamesmanship. It is often stated at the beginning of real-time strategy (RTS) games, such as StarCraft 2 or Warcraft III. While the gesture is typically reciprocated with a similar sentiment, it may also elicit a harsh, not-so-kind response from a triggered gamer.

GL HF may be used outside of gaming too, such as when a person is texting or in online chat. In these contexts, the acronym is used to say goodbye to someone who is about to go do something, whether it be to go give a presentation of a school project or go solve a budgeting deficit.


U ready?
Yep, gl hf!
GL HF message in SC2
GL HF message in SC2

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Updated December 16, 2019

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