It's Giving

What does it's giving mean?

It's emitting intense feelings

When something or someone is putting off an intense vibe or feelings (usually positive), people may remark, "it's giving." For example, if your BFF's outfit is straight fire, you may tell her, "OMG, gurl, it's giving!"

You will likely encounter the phrase online, especially on social media, and you may hear it used in person. People may also follow the saying with the specific vibe or feelings the thing is giving off. For example, your friend may ask you to proofread a text she's about to send to a crush, and you reply with, "it's giving desperation."

Origin of It's giving

The slang term "it's giving" originated from the Black LGBTQ community as AAVE in the 1980s when they described exuberant performances as "it's giving body" or "it's giving face" when they could see the intensity through their bodies and faces. The saying then became popular on social media, including X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok, in the late 2010s and early 2020s to comment on posts, photos, and videos that made them feel a certain way.


im going to wear my new black dress to the party
u def shud. it's giving!
An "it's giving" post
An "it's giving" post

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Updated December 6, 2023

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