What is a Tameka?

An angry, verbally abusive woman

A "Tameka" is an angry woman who is verbally abusive, selfish, and deceitful. The pejorative comes from urban communities in Pensacola, Florida, who often use the term to criticize Black women (similar to how Karen is sometimes used to insult White women). However, it is unclear who the first "Tameka" was that inspired the term.

You may see or hear Tameka used online or in real life (IRL). For example, a Twitter user may comment "What a Tameka" on a video of a woman shouting at a parking attendant. Or your friend may tell you not to act like a Tameka when you berate the server about your food.

Other slang names like Tameka

Tameka is just one of many name-related terms for describing people who exhibit certain traits or behavior. Some examples besides Karen include Felicia, Solange, Becky, Kyle, and Chad.


Desiree was being a real Tameka at the party last night
Right? I didn't understand why she was so mad

A potential Tameka

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Updated April 5, 2023

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