What does mother mean?

A feminine icon

Mothers aren't always women who have kids. That's because "mother" is also slang for female icons revered by women, such as Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Adele, Princess Diana, Taylor Swift, and Dolly Parton.

You will likely see the slang term used on social media as avid fans of a female icon gush about their mother. For example, swifties may share their favorite tracks on Twitter or TikTok from their mother's (Taylor Swift's) latest release.

People may also use mother to lovingly refer to other women they adore. For example, a person may say to their friend, "tonight was the best, mother!"

Origin of mother

The slang term "mother" comes from the Black and Latino LGBTQ communities. Specifically, the LGBTQ "ballroom community" used mother to refer to the maternal figure in the houses they lived in, which consisted of friends that functioned as replacements for the family members that ostracized them. People eventually co-opted the term (like many AAVE slang] in the 2010s, especially on social media, to describe their favorite female role models.


mother just released a double album overnight!
omg!! I need it asap!
its giving me life!
A swiftie professing their love for mother
A swiftie professing their love for mother

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Updated April 25, 2024

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