What is an MSQ in FFXIV?

Main Scenario Quest

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) players use the acronym MSQ to refer to Main Scenario Quests - which are the game's main story missions. Completing MSQs allows players to advance FFXIV's plot and, often, unlock new game features.

How many MSQs does FFXIV have?

It depends. At the time of this writing, the free trial version of FFXIV allows players to play through MSQs designed to advance them to level 60. Those quests are collectively referred to as the Seventh Umbral Era, Seventh Astral Era, Heavensward, and Dragonsong War Quests.

Each FFXIV expansion includes new MSQs that allow players to level up further and continue the game's story. Currently, players can reach level 80 by completing MSQs included in the Shadowbringers expansion.


I'm just about to complete my last pre-expansion MSQ ... time to actually buy FFXIV, I guess

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Updated July 20, 2021

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