What does OOTB stand for online?

Out of the box

OOTB describes something as "out of the box," which may refer to capabilities included with the software (or device) or a new item just opened out of the box. You will likely see OOTB online (depending on how people use it).on tech forums, social sites when reviewing tech, or marketplace sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

For example, a person may use OOTB on tech forums or social sites when commenting on the capabilities of tech. They may say, "I can't believe the image viewer supports all these camera raw formats ootb!" They might also use it when talking about other items' capabilities, such as tools or vehicles, and their abilities without adding modifications.

Or, when selling an item online, you might see OOTB on digital marketplace sites, like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. For example, a person re-selling a laptop may list it as "Brand new, OOTB!"


The TV is brand-new, ootb, and has never been used
I'll take it for $200

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Updated July 27, 2023

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