What is a petfluencer?

A social media user famous for pet content

A petfluencer is an influencer who grew famous by posting images or videos of their pet. These social media celebrities use their dog, cat, or other pet to promote products and agendas, via adorable critter content.

At times, social media users may refer to a famous pet themself as a petfluencer. Some of these popular petfluencers include:

  • jiffpom, a Pomeranian with 9.5 million IG followers
  • Nala Cat, a cat with 4.5 million followers
  • Tucker, a Golden Retriever with 3.3 million followers


Man, these petfluencers probably earn more money than I do
Petfluencer jiffpom's IG profile
Petfluencer jiffpom's IG profile

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Updated March 3, 2023

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