What does lorge mean?


Netizens who speak in DoggoLingo may use lorge in place of "large." For example, while describing a big dog, a Facebook user may say "That's a lorge boi right there."

What is DoggoLingo?

DoggoLingo is a collection of cutesy slang terms that have been popularized and are primarily used by dog- and other pet-lovers. Some notable examples of DoggoLingo include pupper, floof, blep, smol, and of course, doggo.

What is the difference between chonk and lorge?

Social media and forum users often call overweight animals chonks. Chonk and lorge have a square-rectangle type relationship, in that most chonks are lorge, but not all lorge animals are chonks.

For example, you could describe a lean, large dog as lorge. You could not, however, describe that dog as a chonk.


Oh, he so lorge!
Yes, you can use lorge to describe just part of a pet's anatomy
Yes, you can use lorge to describe just part of a pet's anatomy

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Updated September 29, 2021

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