What does PNFO stand for?

Probably not for the office

In emails, text messages, and online chat, PNFO stands for "probably not for the office." This acronym is used to indicate that a piece of Internet content is likely not safe to view at work, because it contains inappropriate or objectionable content.

PNFO content is similar to PNSFW content, in that it exists in a gray area between SFW and NSFW content. Those who are bold, adventurous, and/or stupid may find themselves enticed to click a PNFO link, regardless of the consequences, while those who are careful and cautious will likely wait until after work to view PNFO content.


This video is funny but PNFO
Eh, what do I care? I hate my job anyway. *click*

Many of Michael Scott's one-liners were PNFO

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Updated December 9, 2020

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