What does PNSFW stand for?

Probably not safe for work

In emails, text messages, and online forums, PNSFW stands for "probably not safe for work." This acronym is used to indicate that a piece of Internet content is likely not safe to view at work, because it contains borderline-inappropriate or objectionable content.

PNSFW content exists in a gray area between SFW and NSFW content. As such, you should be careful before clicking a PNSFW link. Some PNSFW links are completely harmless, but others are as inappropriate and offensive as the worst NSFW links. As always, tread cautiously when viewing any piece of Internet content that someone thinks is worth labeling NSFW, even if it's "only" PNSFW.


This link is PNSFW, unless your boss is into offensive stereotypes
A use of PNSFW on Reddit
A use of PNSFW on Reddit

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Updated December 11, 2020

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