What does TSFW stand for?

Totally safe for work

In emails, text messages, and online forums, TSFW stands for "totally safe for work." This acronym is used to indicate that a piece of Internet content is completely fine to view at work, because the content is suitable for most audiences.

TSFW is the opposite of the NSFW acronym, which means "not safe for work." TSFW links link to websites, images, and videos that would be appropriate to share with your boss or co-workers, while NSFW links link to pages and media that are inappropriate or contain objectionable content.

Uncommonly, some people may use TSFW to mean "technically safe for work," rather than "totally safe for work." To these people, TSFW content resides in a gray area between SFW and NSFW content. So, if someone sends you a link labelled TSFW, you may still want to view the content privately before assuming you can share it with your co-workers.


Check out this epic newscaster fail. It's TSFW; you may even want to share it

This GIF is TSFW

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Updated December 9, 2020

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