SFW has 2 meanings
1. What does SFW stand for?

Safe for work

SFW is an acronym that means "safe for work", which is used to indicate that the content of a link is suitable for the workplace. It is the opposite of the NSFW acronym.

The NSFW acronym indicates that a link contains objectionable content that could offend someone in the workplace. It may be a video or image that features nudity, racial slurs, or cuss words. SFW is used to tell the recipient/viewer that he can watch or read the content without worrying about coworkers getting offended.


Check this video out
I will when I get home
Don't worry it's SFW

Puppies in bunny ears are definitely SFW

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Updated December 9, 2020
2. What does SFW stand for?

So freaking what


An acronym that conveys to others that you don't care if they judge you.

The acronym is used when you know someone is going to give you a funny look or say something when they see or hear about you committing a social faux pas, whether it be going to the store in your pjs or stuffing dinner rolls in your purse. It gives off an air of "I don't care what you think, deal with it" and is most likely used when a person is cranky or stressed out.


Yeah, I took change from the tip jar at the counter, SFW!

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Updated September 23, 2015

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