Which musical is POTO?

Phantom of the Opera

Fans of musicals use POTO as shorthand for Phantom of the Opera, the popular show that features music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. POTO was first performed in 1986 and is still going strong at theaters around the world.

The musical is based on a 1910 novel written by Gaston Leroux. It tells the story of Christine, a woman who wants to be an opera star, and the Phantom, a mysterious masked man who is obsessed with her. Notably, Lloyd Webber and co.'s version of POTO was made into a movie in 2004, directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler.


Did you know POTO is showing at the theater downtown next month?
We should totally go! I always love seeing how people do the chandelier

A scene from POTO

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Updated November 8, 2022

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