Putting On A Clinic

What does putting on a clinic mean?

Performing exceptionally well

Putting on a clinic is when you are doing something so well you could be a teacher. People may use this term with just about any discipline, but they often use it when athletes perform so well that they are basically holding a free clinic and teaching others.

Origin of putting on a clinic

It is unclear who coined the phrase, but it comes from doctors holding clinics to train students by showing them how to perform a procedure. The sports world, especially announcers, adopted the phrase to describe players playing at a very high level.

For example, if Patrick Mahomes is displaying excellent pocket presence, NFL announcers may say he's putting on a clinic in detecting pressure from the defense. Or, if Steph Curry is shooting the ball well, your friend may say he's putting on a clinic in shooting.

When do people use putting on a clinic?

Whenever anyone is doing something remarkably well, you can say that they are putting on a clinic. While it is often sports-related, it could be public speaking, pouring concrete, carving wood, coding, or making up excuses for why your homework is late.


Gobert is putting on a clinic in rebounding tonight
Yeah, this is impressive and the reason they are still in the game
Putting on a clinic tweet
Putting on a clinic tweet

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Updated October 26, 2022

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