What does ROTFLOL stand for?

Rolling on the floor laughing out loud

ROTFLOL is a combination of ROTFL and LOL that people send when something is extremely funny. For example, you might caption a video of your baby surprising herself after farting and burping with "ROTFLOL."

Not many people use ROTFLOL since many other acronyms and abbreviations are shorter for communicating laughter. Some other options include ALOL, BAGL, BL, or the classic haha.

If you encounter ROTFLOL, it will probably be in a text or online message or on social media. For example, your friend may post a hilarious meme on Facebook, and you might respond with "ROTFLOL" in the comments section.


Thanks for sending me the link to that video. I was rotflol when I watched it.
Misspellings can lead to an ROTFLOL response
Misspellings can lead to an ROTFLOL response

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Updated April 18, 2022

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