What is a shoutcaster?

Esports commentator

Shoutcasters are commentators who hype up, describe, and analyze esports games. In the same way sports commentators provide commentary for football, basketball, and baseball games, shoutcasters draw audiences into online games' action.

Named for the first Internet radio app used to perform shoutcasting, shoutcasters are now an established part of the esports scene. Many games' official Twitch channels regularly broadcast tournaments commentated by professional shoutcasters, who provide excellent, engaging commentary.

A shoutcaster's primary duty is to entertain and educate audiences, by crafting game- and tournament-level storylines and pointing out information viewers may not have noticed. Typically, two shoutcasters cover a game together, with one serving as the play-by-play commentator (what is happening) and the other serving as the color commentator (why its happening).


Day[9] is one of my favorite shoutcasters

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Updated March 4, 2021

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