What is a slender in Roblox?

A tall and thin Roblox avatar

A "slender" is a type of avatar in Roblox that is thin, tall, and darkly clothed. While the avatar's appearance is based on the menacing fictional Slender Man character, the term is not meant to be good or bad.

The slender avatar became popular in Roblox in 2021, although the origins are unclear. People have traced the appearance back to various Roblox users, but there is no clear evidence as to when it first appeared.

What does a slender look like?

Slenders are tall, thin (at least for Roblox), and typically male (but may also be female). They sport a goth/punk/emo aesthetic, with dark clothes and hair (usually an edgy hairstyle).

Are slenders mean?

Slenders are not good or bad; they are simply an avatar style. However, some Roblox gamers view slenders negatively because aggro gamers or trolls sometimes favor the aesthetic.


I'm so sick of these obnoxious slenders
Meme showing the original slender (top) and a Roblox slender
Meme showing the original slender (top) and a Roblox slender

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Updated January 19, 2022

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