Stream Sniping

What is stream sniping in online gaming?

Purposely playing against a streamer

Stream sniping is the act of purposely getting paired against a streamer so you can watch their stream and use that information to defeat them. This is a more unscrupulous form of ghosting (because not only are you ghosting, you purposefully put yourself in a position to ghost).

For example, a Hearthstone player might attempt to stream snipe so they can get an easy win, because they'll know exactly what cards are in the streamer's hand. In this case, "sniping" refers to the act of "picking off" the streamer - because their stream makes them an easy mark.

Is stream sniping cheating?

Most gamers consider stream sniping to be cheating, and some games actively ban players who stream snipe. For example, Fortnite often bans stream snipers, saying the practice is a form of harassment.

How to stop stream snipers

The easiest way for a streamer to deter stream snipers is by adding a delay to their stream. This will ensure stream snipers' information is always a bit outdated (at the cost of preventing the streamer from interacting with their audience in real-time).


I wish more games explicitly banned stream sniping
A Redditor commenting on stream sniping
A Redditor commenting on stream sniping

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Updated May 20, 2022

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