What is an evangelical?

A Christian who identifies with the Evangelicalism movement

An evangelical is a person who subscribes to the Evangelicalism movement of Christianity. The movement focuses on preaching the gospel of Jesus' to convert non-believers to Christianity.

What is the Evangelical movement?

Evangelicalism is a movement within the Protestant Christian faith that became prominent in the late-20th century, especially in the United States. The movement heavily emphasizes salvation by grace through faith in Jesus' atonement on the cross for humanity's sins, being "born again" as a Christian when receiving salvation, spreading the gospel of Jesus, and submitting to the Bible's ultimate authority.

How is evangelical used?

Evangelical may mean various things, good and bad, depending on the context in which it is used. In religious contexts, evangelical is often used to refer to a denomination of Christianity.

In U.S. politics, it typically refers to a white Christian Republican (although evangelicals also exist among other ethnicities and political affiliations). And in U.S. socioeconomics, evangelical may correlate with white and middle-class suburbs.

Rise of exvangelicals

As evangelical millennials have grown up and left their parents' homes, many of them became exvangelicals. They either reject the Christian faith altogether or have moved to a different denomination or movement within Christianity.

Many exvangelicals have experienced epiphanies where they realize how different their childhood and teenage years were due to the rules and beliefs they followed as evangelicals. Some instances include being sheltered from media like TV shows, music, and movies and how they viewed sexual promiscuity and people who were "non-believers."


I can't believe how many evangelicals came out to support a candidate that constantly lies
Aren't all politicians liars?
Satirical Christian website poking fun at evangelical support for Trump
Satirical Christian website poking fun at evangelical support for Trump

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Updated May 12, 2021

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