What is a talibangelical?

An overzealous evangelical Christian

A talibangelical is an extremely passionate evangelical Christian that looks to impose their views on others. The term is derogatory, meant to criticize the person's overzealousness and restrictive beliefs by combining "Taliban" and "evangelical."

It's not clear who coined the term, but the origins trace back to at least the late-2000s. The people that use it are typically non-Christians online (sometimes exvangelicals), calling out fervent Christians (usually politicians) looking to impose their beliefs on non-believers. Examples of hot-button issues include female reproductive rights, religion in schools, LGBTQ rights, and creationism vs. evolution.


I feel bad for anyone living under the thumb of those talibangelical senators
Critical talibangelical tweet
Critical talibangelical tweet

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Updated May 10, 2022

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