Title Gore

What is title gore?

When a forum post's title is terrible

When a forum post's title is nonsensical and/or incredibly long, other users may say it is an instance of title gore. Just as real gore can upset someone who looks at it, title gore can upset readers who expected to read a coherent title, and not see language mangled, twisted, and abused.

Title gore is most prevalent on Reddit, where users collect and share the "goriest" of titles in the r/titlegore subreddit. However, because many forum users are terrible at titling their posts, title gore exists on every forum. So, you are likely to encounter title gore, and other users' reactions to it, anywhere that posts have titles.


What's the worst title gore you've seen?
I once saw a post titled "bird my mom halp bird." The actual post wasn't any more coherent
One of many awful titles collected at r/titlegore
One of many awful titles collected at r/titlegore

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Updated December 9, 2022

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