What does TPvPZ stand for in StarCraft 2?

Terran Protoss versus Protoss Zerg

StarCraft 2 (SC2) players use TPvPZ as shorthand for Terran Protoss versus Protoss Zerg. This acronym describes a two-on-two multiplayer match, in which one team is comprised of a Terran player and a Protoss player, and the other team is comprised of a Protoss player and a Zerg player.

While one-on-one SC2 matches are more common than two-on-two matches, you may see players discuss TPvPZ strategies in StarCraft 2 strategy guides and forums. In these same places, you may see players use acronyms such as PPvTT, PZvTZ, or ZZvPP to refer to other four-player matchups.


You need to see this sweet TPvPZ match I watched yesterday!
A use of TPvPZ in a discussion of SC2 teammate fails
A use of TPvPZ in a discussion of SC2 teammate fails

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Updated September 19, 2023

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