WOT has 2 meanings
1. What is wot short for?


Wot is an informal version of what, derived from British English. It's supposed to convey that the sender is saying what in a humorous British accent.

For example, you may see wot used in the phrases "Eh, wot?," "Wot's all this then?," or "Wot wot." All of these phrases are meant to be read as though the sender is doing an over-the-top British accent (likely, quite poorly).


Wot do you say, old chap?

Yup, that's what wot is

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Updated September 28, 2022
2. What does WOT stand for?

Waste of time

When you think something is not worth doing, you can describe it as "WOT," which stands for "waste of time." People often use it when texting or messaging online about something that seems to be a massive misuse of their time.

There are many instances where you might use WOT, including when complaining about parents' demands to do chores, politicians holding pointless rallies, or assignments from your boss. For example, suppose your boss assigns you and your co-worker, Fred, to track your department's employees' time in the breakroom each day. In that case, Fred may email you to complain about this WOT. A task that is an especially egregious WOT may be labeled a CWOT.

To avoid confusion, keep in mind that people also commonly use "wot" to mean "what."


When I go to the doctor, I often feel like it is just a WOT

Hopefully, you don't feel reading this definition was a WOT

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Updated April 12, 2022

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