What does ASLR stand for online?

Age, sex, location, race

If you are chatting with someone in an online chatroom, they may ask for your "ASLR" to know your age, sex, location (where you live), and race. They send it to get a better idea of what you physically look like instead of just your online presence.

ASLR is one of several online chatroom acronyms and abbreviations (ASL, stats, ASLNP, etc.) people send to get a better idea of what another person looks like in real life (IRL). People may send ASLR as a standalone question or as part of a whole sentence.

Some people may consider an ASLR request too invasive because they are concerned about privacy. However, many netizens expect it and welcome the inquiry as a sign the sender is romantically interested.


I'd love to meet you in person. ASLR?
34, female, Texas, white

Looking for someone's ASLR

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Updated June 14, 2022

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