What is a BORG used for when drinking?

Black out rage gallon

BORG is a gallon container popularized by college students that contains water, alcohol, and flavoring to enhance the drink's taste. BORG stands for "black out rage gallon," and became a viral trend on TikTok among college students in February 2023.

When preparing a BORG, or borg, people typically fill half of an emptied milk container with water and a fifth (or more) of their alcohol choice (vodka is a common choice). They then add some sweeteners to enhance the drink and add electrolytes.

The inception of the BORG is rooted in safety to reduce the chance of a partygoer's drink getting spiked (roofied) and includes water (and electrolytes) to ensure the partygoer stays hydrated. However, some health professionals have criticized BORG for promoting binge drinking.

Gen Zer college students will most likely use BORG. For example, your dormmate may ask, "Can you fill up some borgs for Jack, Raheem, and me for the party later tonight?"


That pineapple borg messed me up last night
No kidding. I've never seen you so crunked
BORG TikTok tutorial
BORG TikTok tutorial

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Updated February 20, 2023

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