Cozzie Livs

What does cozzie livs mean?

Cost of living

Cozzie livs is slang for "cost of living," which refers to the skyrocketing prices related to living, such as rent and food, particularly in 2022 after the covid pandemic. Gen Zers primarily use it as part of their ways to cope with serious topics, such as the pandemic (panny d) and mental breakdowns (menty b).

Origin of cozzie livs

The slang term "cozzie livs" originated in 2022 and became popular among Gen Zers. The term's origins trace back to a user interaction with the Instagram account Depop Drama, where the user posted, "I can't go that low sorry babe xx Especially with the cozzie livs and all that jazz."

Users captured a screenshot of the interaction and shared it on Instagram and other sites, causing it to go viral, especially among British people. It then became more popular with American Gen Zers.


The cozzie livs is so cray
IKR? I can't afford to eat nething more than ramen
TikToker complaining about cozzie livs
TikToker complaining about cozzie livs

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Updated September 12, 2023

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