What does posterize mean in basketball?

To dunk on an opponent

If a player dunks on another player in basketball in a spectacular fashion, they posterized them. It comes from the posters kids hang on their walls that feature pictures of their favorite players dunking on an opponent.

It is unclear who first coined the term, but NBA legend Julius Erving is credited with popularizing it. Many fans and commentators use the term to describe remarkable slam dunks, with some over or misusing it.

A posterizing dunk must be awe-inspiring; perhaps the player jumped remarkably high or completed a tomahawk jam on a defender taller than him. Also, the person getting posterized must be trying to defend against the dunk. If the defender is just an innocent bystander, he did not get posterized.


OMG, Wiggins just posterized two dudes
Whoa, that was nuts

Posterizing an opponent

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Updated June 10, 2022

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