What does LANK stand for?

Let a naysayer know

LANK is an acronym popularized by Alabama football players Jalen Milroe and Terrion Arnold in 2023. The players coined the acronym before the 2023 season as a rallying cry for themselves and their team (the Crimson Tide) to prove all the doubters wrong through their success.

Besides motivating their team with LANK, quarterback Milroe and defensive back Arnold also branded clothing with the acronym. Official University of Alabama stores eventually sold the apparel (with former Alabama players like NFL quarterback Jalen Hurts wearing it), contributing to LANK's popularity, especially on social media where people use the acronym to pump themselves up.

While Lank helped propel Alabama to the College Football Playoff (CFP), the team eventually lost to the University of Michigan in overtime on January 1st, 2024. Before the game, ESPN's Rece Davis did a special on LANK that went viral because some of his co-analysts thought he was going to use the n-word racial slur (which some people use instead of "naysayers").


how u holding up?
u got dis. lank, bruh
LANK post on X (formerly Twitter)
LANK post on X (formerly Twitter)

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Updated January 2, 2024

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