What does MDL mean on Twitter?

Might delete later

MDL, or "might delete later," is a common phrase tweeters use to signal that they're putting themselves out there and hoping others will respond positively. When a Twitter user feels bold in the moment but knows they might later regret a tweet, they append the tweet with MDL.

Most commonly, MDL appears at the end of the phrase "Feeling cute, MDL." This phrase appears in posts that contain selfies and other close-up, posed photos. In this context, MDL implies that the poster might look at, hate, and delete their photo later, because they noticed an "imperfection."

In the past, MDL was primarily used earnestly. Which is to say, posters added MDL to a tweet when they actually thought they might later delete that tweet. These days, MDL is typically used ironically, to draw attention to a slap-worthy tweet or photo that a user has no intention of deleting.


Feeling pedantic, MDL
A typical MDL tweet
A typical MDL tweet

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Updated March 4, 2021

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