What does NSFA stand for?

Not safe for anyone

In emails, online chat, and web forums, NSFA typically stands for "not safe for anyone." This acronym is used to indicate that a piece of Internet content is incredibly inappropriate, objectionable, and/or offensive.

NSFA is a variation of the more-popular NSFW acronym. However, like the similar NSFL acronym, NSFA indicates that a piece of content is not just unsafe to view at work, but may be actively harmful to view at all. NSFA is not used very frequently, as people tend not to share content that no one else should see.

Other variations of NSFA

Because NSFA is used infrequently, the acronym has acquired a variety of other meanings. NSFA may also be used to mean:

  • Not suitable for adults
  • Not safe for Americans
  • Not safe for Australians
  • Not safe for Alabamians


Beware - this video's NSFA. Think twice before you click the link

MRW I encounter an NSFA video

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Updated April 29, 2021

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