1. What does PFP mean on social media?

Profile picture

Social media users often use the acronym PFP to refer to their profile picture. PFP is most used on TikTok, though you may also encounter this acronym on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

What are PFP cults?

PFP cults are groups of users who have the same profile picture. For example, in early 2021, a group of Lana Del Rey fans all changed their TikTok PFPs to be the same picture of Lana Del Rey. These users were referred to as the Lana Cult. In response to the Lana Cult, many TikTok users changed their PFPs to a picture of a hamster. These users became known as the Hamster Cult.


Ur PFP is so cute!
Some TikTok users create PFPs for others to use
Some TikTok users create PFPs for others to use

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Updated April 27, 2021
2. What does the acronym PFP stand for?

Picture for proof

On social media, web forums, and online chat, users may use the acronym PFP to ask for a "picture for proof." PFP is typically used in response to another user's claim, especially if the claim seems far-fetched.

For example, if a user says they met Chris Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch at their local Panera Bread, other users may ask for a PFP. If the user can't provide a PFP, others are unlikely to believe them.


I don't believe you. Got a PFP?
Totally I'll post it when I get home

A man demanding a PFP

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Updated May 3, 2021

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