What does QBBC stand for?

Quarterback by committee

QBBC is a fantasy football acronym that means quarterback by committee. It refers to the strategy where a team owner plays multiple quarterbacks throughout a season with each one getting a similar amount of playing time as the other.

When an FFB owner employs the QBBC strategy he waits for the later rounds to draft multiple QBs that provide a similar level of play instead of drafting a big name QB in the early rounds. This strategy allows the owner to focus on other positions, such as RB and WR. Another part of the strategy is to draft QBs that have favorable schedules and matchups that complement each other so you can use them with confidence.


Since the best 2 QBs are already gone, I'm gonna go with a QBBC because the rest of the QBs provide similar points

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Updated October 24, 2016

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