Snapback Culture

What is snapback culture?

Pressure on new moms to snap back to their pre-pregnancy bodies

Snapback culture is the expectation that a mom who recently gave birth must "snap back" to her pre-pregnancy body shape and weight. The pressure is birthed from the "snapback" trend on social media where influencers post images of their bodies shortly after giving birth.

Instagram, which is a social site that revolves around posting pictures and videos, is a hotbed for snapback culture. Influencers and celebrities often post pics and vids of themselves in tight-fitting clothes, like tank tops or swimsuits, to encourage other moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Many people see snapback culture as a hostile environment for new mothers since it places unrealistic expectations. Critics believe it's unfair to judge women by their bodily appearance, and it's also unfair to expect all women's bodies to react the same way to pregnancy. However, others argue that posting that you are proud of how your body has snapped back isn't fair, either.


I would feel so insecure being a new mom in today's snapback culture
Tia Mowry rebuking snapback culture
Tia Mowry rebuking snapback culture

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Updated October 19, 2021

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