What does speedling mean in StarCraft 2?

Zergling with Metabolic Boost

StarCraft 2 (SC2) players refer to zerglings (lings) whose speed has been enhanced by the Metabolic Boost upgrade as speedlings. Players also use this term as part of various Zerg strategy names, which involve purchasing the Metabolic Boost upgrade as quickly as possible. For example, the Zerg Speedling Expand strategy is a ZvP and ZvT strategy that takes advantage of speedlings' boosted movement speed.

Most players consider the Metabolic Boost upgrade essential to Zerg victories, so speedlings factor into most every Zerg strategy. Because players use this term so commonly, they often shorten it to sling. They may also refer to speedlings that have access to the Adrenal Glands upgrade (which boosts attack speed) as cracklings.


I always, always get beat by early speedling attacks
Are you building PFs?
An SC2 player discussing a speedling-based strategy
An SC2 player discussing a speedling-based strategy

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Updated March 22, 2023

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