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1. What is wsp short for in gaming chat?


Gamers use wsp to stand for "whisper." A whisper is a private in-game message, akin to a PM or DM. Players use whispers to discuss subjects they'd rather not discuss in a public chat.

For example, in an MMORPG, another player may ask you to wsp them so you can have a private discussion about where your party should travel next. Or, in a shooter or MOBA, a teammate may ask you to wsp them so you can discuss how to compensate for another teammate's shortcomings.


Please wsp me to talk about joining our guild
A gamer wondering what wsp means
A gamer wondering what wsp means

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Updated November 11, 2022
2. What is wsp short for?

What's up

Your friends may use wsp to ask you "what's up." You're most likely to receive this inquisitive abbreviation in text or chat messages, when a friend wants to know what and/or how you're doing.

If you're not doing and/or feeling much ATM, you can reply to wsp with NM. Otherwise, you can explain what you're up to. You should then ask your friend wsp with them, just to be polite.


Wsp, haven't seen you online in awhile!
Yeah, I've been so busy with work

Wsp means "what's up"

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Updated November 10, 2022

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