1. What does H&W stand for in texts and online?

Husband and wife

In texts and online, people may abbreviate "husband and wife" as "H&W" (variation of "H/W"). For example, if your friend is surprised about the pairing of a couple, they may text you, "When did Michael and Tamika get married? I didn't know they were H&W."

Besides messages, you may see H&W on social sites, parenting forums, etc., online. For example, a newlywed may post a picture of her husband and her on Instagram, "The new H&W!" Or, a fan of the Breaking Bad show may comment online, "Walt and Skyler have to be the worst TV H&W."


I can't wait until Nick and I are h&w
I'm so excited for the wedding!
IKR?!? It can't come soon enough

New H&W learning about marriage

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Updated September 6, 2023
2. What does H&W stand for in the medical field?

Height and weight

When speaking about a person's height and weight, doctors and other medical professionals may use "H&W." For example, after meeting with a patient, a doctor may make a note, "Patient's H&W is disproportionate. Could lead to heart disease and high blood pressure."

Non-medial professionals may also use H&W. For example, your friend may comment on the peculiar appearance of your new dog, "You sure Baxter's h&w are right?" Or, you might post on a fitness forum, "Any tips on balancing out my H&W proportions?"


You want me to pick up dinner for you?
Nah. Trying to eat healthy. Gotta get my h&w more in line

Disappointed reaction to your H&W

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Updated September 6, 2023

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