1. What does ITR stand for?

Internet Talk Radio

Primarily news coverage that has been digitized into files that can be downloaded or streamed from the Internet.


Did you download the ITR report about the stock market performance today?

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Updated February 3, 2014
2. What does an ITR stand for in taxes?

Income Tax Return

An ITR is an income tax return, an official form that reports a person's income to a tax authority, like the IRS. In the U.S., an ITR typically refers to a U.S. tax return, such as the 1040 form, due on April 15.

You will most likely only encounter ITR when reading tax documentation online in forums or when attempting to complete your taxes in the first third of the year. For example, you may post in an online forum one week before the tax deadline asking about the best services for filling out your ITR.


It's April 10th and I still haven't started working on my ITR!

How some people view ITRs during tax season

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Updated February 21, 2022
3. What does ITR stand for?

In the room

You can use ITR to state that someone, such as a parent or sibling, is "in the room" with you. This acronym is typically used as a warning, to ensure the person you're chatting with doesn't say something embarrassing or inappropriate while prying eyes might see.

If you are a parent, and you found this page after seeing ITR on your child's screen, what are you still doing here? You should likely go see what your kid is up to ...


My little brother is itr right now, so don't type anything personal ...

A man who is back ITR

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Updated March 30, 2021

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