S/U has 2 meanings
1. What does S/U stand for?

Shut up

When you want to tell a person to shut up when texting or online, you can send them "S/U." Most people consider it impolite so be judicious with who you send it to.

Due to the constant exchange of opinions and trolling that occurs online, there is an endless string of opportunities to use S/U. Examples include griefing gamers, crotchety social media users, and annoying siblings in a family group text.

S/U is just one of many terms to get a person to stop talking. Others include "SU," "sh^," and the vulgar "STFU."


Haha, I pwnd you in that game
Can't u just s/u?

When that kid just won't s/u

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Updated June 30, 2021
2. What does S/U mean on social media?

Swipe up

Social media users may use "S/U" to tell their followers to swipe up on their posts to interact further. For example, an Instagram user may post a question and include S/U to ask the user to vote on the poll they have created.

S/U became prominent in the mid-2010s, as influencers and companies often used it as a call to action to engage with followers. Various social sites allow you to swipe up in their apps, but you will most likely see it on Snapchat and Instagram.

Users may ask followers to swipe up without the forward-slash (SU). Also, SU may stand for "shut up," so be sure to know the context to understand the intended definition.


S/U to check out more merch!

That S/U urgency

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Updated September 27, 2022

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