What does SU stand for?

Shut up

If you are sick of listening to someone talk online or in texts, send them "SU." It is a quick (though not very polite) way of telling someone to stop talking (or typing).

When do I use SU?

The Internet can be a big, scary, and annoying place. Whether you go to the YouTube comments section, log in to Facebook during an election or pandemic, or just scroll through Twitter at any given moment, you are bound to encounter someone that ruffles your feathers.

Or you may be texting with a particularly cantankerous individual and can no longer handle listening to their opinions. These situations are ripe for "SU" to get the inflammatory individual to stop talking, especially if they are trolling you.

Other ways to get someone to stop talking

SU is just one of many terms to get a person to stop talking, with other options including "S/U," "sh^." Or you could take the more aggressive route and send "STFU," "STHU," or "SUF."


I think we'd all be happier if you'd just SU.

When you can't handle anymore

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Updated June 30, 2021

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