What does tribe mean online?

Internet community

A "tribe" online is a community of Internet users bound together by a similar interest. It comes from the traditional meaning of "tribe" which describes people related by bloodlines and geographical location, but instead refers to people united through a common interest, such as a sports team, anime, pop star, etc.

For example, you may refer to fellow swifties online as your tribe as you gush over your experiences at her concerts. Or, you might share your appreciation for a comic book fandom in a forum, "Thx all for giving me a place to share my passion. U r my tribe!"

People may also use tribe to describe a fan community they subscribe to offline or as a smaller group of friends. For example, people may use tribe similarly to crew or squad.


I found my D&D tribe 2 years ago and actually met some of them in person
Wow, that's so cool
Yeah. Very grateful for them
Swiftie fan expressing her excitement to meet her tribe
Swiftie fan expressing her excitement to meet her tribe

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Updated September 13, 2023

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