What does OTE stand for online and in messages?

Over the edge

When someone or something crosses the line of acceptability or appropriateness, it's OTE ("over the edge"). For example, if a person makes a derogatory comment to you on Twitter, you may reply with, "That's OTE, dude."

You will likely see OTE online, including in social media, forums, and messages when someone gets offended. Some people really enjoy pushing boundaries, like trolls and griefers, which means they will probably encounter it more than others.

However, even if you want to respect people, you may accidentally offend someone after going over the edge of their abstract, moving line. After all, one person's joke is another person's outrage.


I can't believe he said that to Whitney
Yeah, he really went OTE on that one

Reaction to an OTE comment

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Updated April 11, 2023

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