What does floof mean?


When you're talking about pets, floof means "fluff." This cutesy DoggoLingo term can be used to refer to either a pet's fluff or a fluffy pet.

For example, a Twitter user might post "Look at his floof!" alongside a picture of their fluffy dog. That user wants you to marvel at their dog's fluffy fur. Another user might post "My cute floofer" alongside a picture of their fluffy dog. In this instance, the user is using floofer to refer to the dog themself.

What is DoggoLingo?

DoggoLingo is a collection of cutesy and onomatopoetic slang terms that are used primarily by dog- and other pet-lovers. While you're most likely to see DoggoLingo terms like floor, smol, lorge, and blep used while discussing dogs and other animals, you may also see them used elsewhere online, by pet-lovers who have incorporated DoggoLingo into their everyday lexicon.


Aw, he's such a floof!
A Twitter user showing off their cat's floof
A Twitter user showing off their cat's floof

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Updated September 29, 2021

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