What does LW mean regarding weight?

Lowest weight

When trying to manage their weight, people may use "LW" to refer to their lowest weight. For example, your exercise partner may message you, "Only 5 more pounds to my LW as an adult!"

People may use LW in messages or online, such as in a web forum or social media group where members hold each other accountable for losing weight. While it is important to remember that weight is not the only factor determining someone's health, many people attempt to achieve their LW in various ways, including a ketogenic diet, fasting, a Mediterranean diet, a paleo diet, and more exercise.

People may use other acronyms and abbreviations when referring to weight, including SW (starting weight), GW (goal weight), and HW (highest weight).


I can't believe I got back to my LW in just 3 weeks
Wow, that's impressive!

Getting down to your LW can be exciting

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Updated June 21, 2023

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