15 Slang Terms for Hairstyles

Hairstyle slang terms

Our hairstyles say a lot about us: how we view ourselves, who we admire, our mood, and if we've just rolled out of bed. So, for your reading pleasure, we put together a list of 15 slang terms for describing some of our favorite hairstyles:

1. Skinhead

A hairstyle where the hair is shaved all off or so closely you can see skin (pretty straightforward, right?).

Shaved skinhead

2. Crew cut

This do has been around for many years (since at least the 1920s) and is believed to have gotten its name from the Yale rowing crew's adoption of the hairstyle.

Rowers with crew cuts

3. Fashy

Undercut hairdo (buzzed hair on the sides and longer on top) that people began dubbing "fashy" (short for fascist) in 2016 when many far-right extremists adopted it.

Fashy tweet

4. Cornrows

A hairstyle where the hair is braided close to the scalp and divided into straight or elaborately-designed rows.

Woman with straight cornrows

5. Edgar

Hairstyle that went viral on social media in the early 2020s that combines a bowl cut with a high fade.

Edgar cut tweet

6. Mop-top

Mop-like hairstyle popularized by The Beatles in the 1960s.

The Beatles with their mop-tops

7. Bed head

Disheveled style that looks like you just rolled out of bed and you don't care (works for some, not so much for others).

Sporting bed head

8. Mullet

The classic "business in the front, party in the back" style also spawned the skullet and femullet styles.

Mullet mode tweet

9. Hockey hair

Prevalent mullet-like style among hockey players (kids to pros) that also spawned the flow and lettuce terms.

Hockey hair meme

10. The Rachel

Haircut popularized by the fictional character Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) from the TV show Friends.

The Rachel haircut

11. Afro

Combed-out curly hair that creates a bush-like effect (also referred to as fro).

Afro hairstyle

12. Dreads

A rope-like hairstyle popular in various cultures and movements, including African and Rastafarian.

Woman with dreads

13. Mohawk

Style inspired by Native Americans that became popular in the 20th century as a symbol of non-conformity and also popularized the "fauxhawk" (or "fohawk") and "dreadhawk" styles.

Rocker with a mohawk

14. Comb-over

A hairstyle where a person combs their hair to the other side of their head (often to conceal baldness).

Comb-over tweet

15. Oldilocks

A hairstyle that looks terrible on an older person (typically senior citizen range).

Jesse Ventura oldilocks