Pick has 2 meanings
1. What is a pick in Minecraft?


In Minecraft, a "pick" is the pickaxe tool players use to mine ore, rocks, and various types of blocks. Picks are an essential aspect in Minecraft since players use them to mine different types of items. They come in various types, including Wooden, Stone, Iron, Golden, Diamond, and Netherite.

You will likely only see or hear Minecraft gamers use pick when describing gameplay. For example, your friend may say, "I need the efficiency enchantment to increase my pick's mining speed." Or, a player may comment, "I need the netherite pick for the most attack damage."


So can any type of pick mine gold ore?
Nope, it has to be an iron pick or better

Mining with a diamond pick in Minecraft

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Updated December 18, 2023
2. What is a pick in football?

An interception

In football, a "pick" is an interception, which is when the defense catches a pass from the offense, creating a turnover. It is unclear who coined the term, but it dates back to the 1980s (possibly earlier) and comes from the defender "picking" the ball out of the air.

Defensive backs, such as cornerbacks or safeties, typically record picks since they often cover receivers that catch passes. However, linebackers and even defensive linemen may get picks (especially when a player deflects the pass into the air). On the flip side, QBs are typically the offensive player that throws a pick (the fewer they throw, the better).

Commentators, fans, and players may use the term online, in texts, or in real life. For example, an NFL commentator may say, "Bryce Young has thrown two picks today, which really hurt the team, especially since they were in the red zone." Or fans on social media may celebrate a fantastic interception, "Whoa, that pick was incredible!"

People may also use pick as a verb, as in "intercept" (often in the form of "pick off"). For example, "the defensive back baited the quarterback into throwing the dangerous pass, then picked him off." Additionally, when a player scores a touchdown off the pick, it is called a "pick-six" (or "pick-6").


I can't believe Hurts has thrown 20 TDs and only 1 pick so far
Yeah, he's having an MVP season, fo sho

The Panthers defense coming down with a pick against the Saints offense

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Updated December 12, 2023

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