R Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
RadfemA radical feminist
RadiantThe light faction in Defense of the Ancients 2
Radio babyA person born between 1928 and 1945
Rage applyingApplying to open job positions out of spite for your current job
Rage baitOnline content meant to provoke rage
Rage bakingBaking to relieve anger or stress
Rage farmingEliciting outrage to increase engagement
RagequitTo angrily quit a game
RagerAn intense, large party
RAIRules as intended
RaidRaid group
RaidTo send viewers to another streamer's stream
Rainbow washingClaiming to be LGBTQ allies to make money
RainmakerHigh trajectory golf shot
RAKRandom act of kindness
RakePoker site commission
RampTo permanently gain additional mana
RatioedReceiving many more replies than likes on your tweet
RATMRage Against The Machine
RAWRules as written
RawdoggingEnduring a flight without indulgences
RBRunning back
RBReply by
RB1Starting fantasy running back
RB2Second starting fantasy running back
RBAYRight back at you
RBBCRunning back by committee
RBIRuns batted in
RBRReverse buyer's remorse
RBTLRead between the lines
RCTARace change to another
RDFReal deal feeling
RDPSRanged damage per second
RDTRelationship defining talk
REResident Evil
REReal estate
ReachTo draft a player too soon
Ready golfGolfers hit when ready
Real oneA dependable, authentic friend
Real talkHonest truth
ReceiptsEvidence that proves a claim
Red Cup DayThe day Starbucks gives away its new holiday cup
Red flagA warning sign
Red waveSweeping victories for Republicans
Red weddingA disaster
Red zoneArea between the 20-yard line and the goal line
ReddiquetteReddit ettiquette
RedditorA Reddit user
RedneckAn uneducated Southerner
RedpilledUnderstands an unpleasant truth
RegramTo share another Instagrammer's post
RehiHi again
Relationship goalsAn admirable relationship
Relationship weightWeight gained from a romantic relationship
ReloadTo take another shot after a bad shot
Remote dropAn enjoyable TV show or movie you don't want to turn off
RemovalA card that can destroy or nullify an opponent's card
RenovictionEvicting residents to renovate
Rent Free In My HeadFrequently on my mind
Reply guyA man who replies to all of a woman's social media posts
RepublicratA politician who profits from supporting corporate interests
RequelA movie featuring elements from a previous film
RequestionA question that is actually a request
retKick or punt returner
Retail investorIndividual, non-professional investor
RetconRetroactively change
Retweet offenderA person who constantly retweets on Twitter
Revenge arcQuest to get revenge
Revenge bodyA physically fit body after breaking up
Revenge travelTraveling done to spite COVID-19
Review bombingBlasting a movie or show with negative reviews
RevineTo repost a vine
RFRight field
RFRange factor
RFCRequest for comment
RFPRequest for proposal
RFQRequest for quote
RHCPRed Hot Chili Peppers
RHDRoyale High Diamonds
RHIPRank hath its privileges
RHOAThe Real Housewives of Atlanta
RHOBHThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
RHOCThe Real Housewives of Orange County
RHODCThe Real Housewives of D.C.
RHOMThe Real Housewives of Miami
RHONJThe Real Housewives of New Jersey
RHONYThe Real Housewives of New York City
RHOOCThe Real Housewives of Orange County
RibRun batted in
RibbyRun batted in
Ribcage braggingShowing off your rib cage
RickrollTo trick someone into watching a Rick Astley music video
Ride the pineSit on the bench
RightistA person with radical right-wing political views
RINORepublican in name only
rinstaReal Instagram account
RinstagramReal Instagram account
RIPRest in peace
RIP my mentionsI'm going to receive a lot of Twitter notifications
RIP to your mentionsYou're going to receive a lot of Twitter notifications
RizzlerA person with immense charisma
Rizzmas CarolsSlang-filled Christmas carol parodies
RLReal life
RLRTReal life retweet
RMAReturn Merchandise Authorization
RMAHReal money auction house
RMLRead my lips
RMPRogue, Mage, Priest
RNRegistered nurse
RNRight now
RNCRepublican National Committee
RNGRandom number generator
RNGRun and gun
ROAReturn on assets
RoachingSecretly dating many romantic partners at the same time
RoamTo move between lanes
RoastTo disrespect
ROBLRolling on back laughing
RoboRobotics Facility
RockA basketball
RocketAttractive person
ROEReturn on equity
ROFRolling on floor
ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
ROFLRolling over freakin' laughing
ROFLMAORolling on floor, laughing my a** off
ROFLMAOQWERTYRolling on floor laughing my a** off at the keyboard
ROFLMAOWECRolling on floor laughing my a** off while eating cookie
ROFLMBWAORolling on floor laughing my big white a** off
ROFLMFAORolling on the floor laughing my freakin' a** off
ROFLMRORolling on the floor laughing my rear off
ROFLOLRolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROFLTRABTDRolling on floor laughing, thinking Republicans are better than Democrats
ROFLUSARolling on floor laughing until sides ache
RoguelikeA video game like Rogue
ROIReturn on investment
ROICReturn on invested capital
ROLFRolling on laughing floor
RolloutTo leave
ROLMBORolling over laughing my butt off
ROMRough order of magnitude
ROMEmulator game
ROMRange of motion
Rom comRomantic comedy
ROMEORetired Old Men Eating Out
RONWReturn on net worth
RoofieA date rape drug
RoofiedDrugged by a person
RopeLine drive baseball hit
RopingProlonging your turn to waste opponents' time
ROTFRolling on the floor
ROTFFLRolling on the freaking floor laughing
ROTFLRolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLHRolling on the floor laughing hysterically
ROTFLMAORolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROTFLMBORolling on the floor, laughing my behind off
ROTFLMFAORolling on the floor laughing my f****** a** off
ROTFLMFAORolling on the floor laughing my fat a** off
ROTFLOLRolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTSRight on the spot
Round-tripperHome run
ROUSRodents of unusual size
ROYRookie of the Year
RPRelief pitcher
RPReza Pahlavi
RPCRole play chat
RPFReal person fiction
RPGRole-playing game
RPIRatings Percentage Index
RPMOReally pissing me off
RQReal quick
RRReply required
RRoDRed ring of death
RSNReal soon now
RSVPRépondez s'il vous plaît
RTBReal-time bidding
RTFReturn the favor
RTFARead the flippin' article
RTFBRead the flippin' book
RTFFAQRead the flippin' FAQ
RTFMRead the flippin' manual
RTFMMRead the flippin' manual, moron
RTFSRead the flippin' source
RthxRetweet thanks
RTIReal-Time Interruption
RTKReturn to Karazhan
RTSReal-time strategy
RUAre you
RUBAre you back
RubberPitcher's plate
RubberA condom
RUCAre you coming?
RUCBAre you coming back?
rucmngAre you coming?
RUFRAre you for real?
Rug pullA cryptocurrency scam
RUMOFAre you male or female?
RUNAre you in?
RundownBaserunner stranded between two bases
ruokAre you OK?
RUSAre you serious
RushTo quickly attack and cause damage
Rush deckAggressive card deck
Rush downTo play aggressively to defeat an opponent
RUSOSAre you stupid or something?
RUTAre you there?
RWReal world
RWRelief wins
RWAReady, willing, and able
RWARich with attitude
RYCRegarding your comment
RYFSAre you freakin' serious?