I Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
I can't evenI don't know what to say
I8I ate
I8UI hate you
IAI agree
IABIn a bit
IACIn any case
IADIt all depends
IAEIn any event
IAFWUI ain't f***ing with you
IAGIt's all good
IAGSMSOLI am getting some money sooner or later
IAGTKOMI ain't got that kind of money
IAGWIn a good way
IAILI am in love
IAMIn a minute
IANADI am not a doctor
IANAEI am not an expert
IANALI am not a lawyer
IAPIn-app purchase
IASIPIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
IATI am tired
IAWIn accordance with
IAWMPI almost wet my pants
IAWTCI agree with the comment
IAWTCSMI agree with this comment so much
IAWTPI agree with the post
IAYFIt's all your fault
IBI'm back
IBInspired by
IB2DI beg to differ
IBBIntentional bases on balls
IBCIce bucket challenge
IBFInternet best friend
ibfsInternet best friends
IBRIt's been real
IBTLIn before the lock
ICI see
ICIn character
ICAMI couldn't agree more
ICBWI could be wrong
ICBWIt could be worse
ICCIcecrown Citadel
ICCLI couldn't care less
ICEIn case of emergency
ICEU.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICEInvidious comparison eating
Ice coldShooting poorly
ICEDII can't even discuss it
ICFILWYI could fall in love with you
ICHCI Can Has Cheezburger?
ICHII can't help it
ICLIn Christian love
ICLI can't lie
ICNIntensive Care Nursery
ICOIn care of
ICOIn concern of
ICOInitial coin offering
ICOCBWI could, of course, be wrong
ICPInsane Clown Posse
ICSIce Cream Sandwich
ICUIntensive care unit
icurnvsI see you are envious
ICWYMI see what you mean
ICYCIn case you're curious
ICYDKIn case you didn't know
ICYMIIn case you missed it
ICYWTBEIn case you went to bed early
IDBII don't believe it
IDCI don't care
IDECI don't even care
IDEKI don't even know
iDeviceApple device
IDFCI don't freaking care
IDFKI don't freaking know
IDFKAI don't f****** know anymore
IDFWUI don't f*** with you
IDGAFI don't give a f***
IDGASI don't give a s***
IDGII don't get it
IDGRAI don't give a rat's a**
IDHII don't have it
IDII doubt it
IDKI don't know
IDKYI don't know why
IDMBI'll do my best
IDNI don't know
IDNDTI did not do that
IDNKI do not know
IdolA K-pop star
IDPIndividual defensive player
IDRI don't remember
IDSI'm dead serious
IDTI don't think
IDTSI don't think so
IDTTI'll drink to that
IDUI don't understand
IDWI don't want
IEThat is
IEMIntel Extreme Masters
IFIntermittent fasting
IFABI found a bug
IFLYI freaking love you
IFOCNIn front of computer naked
IFSFYI feel sorry for you
IFVBI feel very bad
IFYPI feel your pain
IGI guess
IG2PI've got to pee
IG2RI got to run
IGII get it
IGLIn-game leader
IGNIn-game name
IGNI've got nothing
IGTPI get the point
IGYBI got your back
IH8UI hate you
IHAI hate acronyms
IHII have it
IHMI hate Mondays
IHNII have no idea
IHUI hate you
IHYI hate you
III'm impressed
IIOKIf I only knew
IIRIf I remember
IIRCIf I remember correctly
IITI'm impressed, too
IIUCIf I understand correctly
IIWYIf I were you
IJBOLI just burst out laughing
IJC2SILUI just called to say I love you
IJDGAFI just don't give a f***
IJWTKI just want to know
IJWTSI just want to say
IKI know
IKHYFI know how you feel
IKRI know, right?
IKTRI know that's right
IKWUMI know what you mean
IKWYMI know what you mean
IKYDI know you did
ILInjured list
ILAMYI love and miss you
ILII love it
Ill eagleIllegal
ILMMI love my man
ILUI love you
ILUI like you
ILU2I love you too
ILUBI love you, baby
ILUGTDI love you guys to death
ILUMI love you man
iluvuI love you
ILYI love you
ILY2I love you, too
ILYAAFI love you as a friend
ILYFAEI love you forever and ever
ILYFEI love you for eternity
ILYKI'll let you know
ILYLI love you lots
ILYLCI love you like crazy
ILYMTYWEKI love you more than you will ever know
ILYSMI love you so much
ILYWAMHI love you with all my heart
IMInstant message
IMInstant messenger
IMAI might add
imaI'm going to
IMAI must admit
IMAOIn my arrogant opinion
IMBOIn my biased opinion
IMCOIn my considered opinion
IMDIn my dreams
IMEIn my experience
IMHAROIn my humble and respectful opinion
IMHBMAOIn my humble but most accurate opinion
IMHOIn my humble opinion
IMHOIn my honest opinion
IMIOIn my infallible opinion
immaI'm gonna
IMMDIt made my day
IMNSHOIn my not so humble opinion
IMNSVHOIn my not so very humble opinion
IMOIn my opinion
IMOBOIn my own biased opinion
imotI'm on that
IMPIt's my pleasure
IMPOIn my personal opinion
IMPOVIn my point of view
IMSIf memory serves
IMSI am sorry
IMSOIn my sovereign opinion
imtgIn meeting
IMUI miss you
IMVHOIn my very humble opinion
IMVUInstant Messaging Virtual Universe
IMYI miss you
IMYAI miss you already
In limboOn hold
In the holeBatting third
inb4In before
INBDIt's no big deal
IncelInvoluntary celibate
Infla-datingGoing on cheaper dates because of inflation
InfluencerA social media user who affects others' behaviors
InfodemicA viral spread of misinformation
InitiatingStarting a team fight
InitiatorA DOTA hero that starts a team fight
innInnings played
innitIsn't it
INPInteraction to Next Paint
INPOIn no particular order
INRI know right
INRSIt's not rocket science
Insta copBuy immediately
Insta-lurkingLooking through a person's Instagram pictures
InstadadA man who marries a person with kids
Instagram husbandA person who takes pictures of another person for Instagram
Instagram prime timePeak hours of Instagram activity
Instagram wifeA person who has others take pictures of herself for Instagram
InstagrammerAn Instagram user
InstagrandmaA female who tries to use Instagram but fails
InstagrandpaA male who is terrible at using Instagram
InstalockQuickly lock in your character selection
InstamomA woman who marries a person with kids
Insurrection barbieA woman with ultra-conservative beliefs
InternestA comfy spot to surf the Internet
Internet boyfriendAn online community's collective guy crush
IntexticatedTexting while driving
Introvert hangoverFatigue after spending time with people
INUI need you
Invisible boxA dance move where a person pretends to step on a box
Invisible stepA dance move that involves pretending to step on a step
Inward nineLast nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
IOBInsulin on board
IOCInternational Olympic Committee
IOHI'm outta here
IOITI'm on Irish time
IOKIYADIt's OK if you're a Democrat
IOKIYARIt's OK if you're a Republican
ionI don't
ionoI don't know
IOUI owe you
IOWIn other words
IPInnings pitched
IPAIndia pale ale
iPad kidA child who is always on a tablet
IPNI'm posting naked
IPOInitial public offering
IPQInternet printable coupon
IPTVInternet protocol television
IQIntelligence quotient
IRIn room
IRInjured reserve
IRAIndividual Retirement Account
IRAInherited runs allowed
IRDKI really don't know
Irish goodbyeLeaving without saying goodbye
IRLIn real life
irlA real-life person
IRSInternal Revenue Service
IRSTBOIt really sucks the big one
IRTIn regards to
ISI'm sorry
ISFInsulin Sensitivity Factor
ISHI'm so hungry
IshKind of
IsnotraelIsrael is not real
ISOIn search of
ISOIs seeking other
ISOIncentive stock option
ISPInternet Service Provider
issaIt's a
ISTGI swear to God
ISTMIt seems to me
ISTRI seem to recall
ISWYMI see what you mean
ITInformation Technology
It meI identify with that
It's givingIt's emitting intense feelings
ITBOOTPIn the bathroom, out of toilet paper
ITFAIn the final analysis
ITIGBSI think I'm going to be sick
ITILYI think I like you
ITILYI think I love you
itmtIn the meantime
ITRInternet Talk Radio
ITRIncome Tax Return
ITRIn the room
ITRWIn the real world
ITSFWIIf the shoe fits, wear it
ITSFYI'm too sexy for you
ITTIn this thread
ITTWACWI thought this was a Christian website
ITUIntensive treatment unit
ITYFI think you'll find
ITYKI thought you knew
ITYMI think you mean
ITYSI told you so
IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
IVLIn virtual life
IW2BWUI want to be with you
IWALUI will always love you
IWALYI will always love you
IWBBI will be back
IWBNIIt would be nice if
IWSNI want sex now
IWTYI would tickle you
IWUI want you
IWYI want you
IYAMIf you ask me
IYIIntellectual yet idiot
IYKWIMIf you know what I mean
IYKYKIf you know you know
IYOIn your opinion
IYQI like you
IYSSIf you say so
IYSWIMIf you see what I mean